Radio System And Music Player System

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This package includes a Radio system which controls as many radio stations as you want playing a choice of songs, dj tracks and ads, or a combination of them. Also included is a music player system used for things like jukeboxes or cassette players.

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If you're making an open world game set in a time where radios exist, then these days it's almost essential your game has some form of radio/audio player to flesh out the world and provide something for your players to listen to. All the big guys do it in their games, and now you can do it in yours by buying this asset pack. All you have to do is drop the required blueprints into your persistent level, select the songs, ads and dj tracks you want each channel to play and you’re done. If you want that extra side of realism the system is set up to work with your day/night system, allowing you to choose certain tracks to play at certain times in the day, so you can have that smooth voiced night radio jockey sweet talking your player while they’re cruising on into the night along that dark desert highway, and not worry about your player losing immersion due to the DJ talking about what a nice sunny day it is.

Also included is a music player system which gives the player control over what songs play. Included in this package are two examples which are children of the same blueprint, a Jukebox and a Cassette player with collectible Cassettes (which each hold their own set of songs the player can switch between).

You can try all this out in the free demo, found below.

Meshes/props are included as a free bonus, I'm not a artist and they're the best I can do and in my opinion they're are only suitable for demonstration purposes but of course you're free to do with them as you wish, just please don't buy this package for the props exclusively.

*no day night system is included in this package, but I've set it up so it's extremely easy to integrate your day night system with this radio system. Information on how to do this can be found in the documentation.

Technical Details


  • Fully customizable radio stations allowing the user to choose songs, ads or dj tracks (as well as not having ads/dj tracks)
  • Radio Towers with customizable range (you can also set your devices to not be affected by range if you wish). Range can be configured in game.
  • Music player system which allows the user to play a set songs and includes pausing, playing, skipping, returning to a previous song and play random songs
  • Speaker system allowing sound from the music player to be carried all over the level while being controlled by one object
  • Example blueprints of how to use the system including handheld portable radios, stationary radios and radios attached to skeletal meshes, a juke box, a cassette player with collectible cassettes
  • Primitive note system allowing the user to read a document
  • Button Blueprint, with an example use showing how to extend the radio tower range in game.

Number of Blueprints: 21

Input: Keyboard + Mouse

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows 


Video: (Please note there was an error while editing which caused the audio to become out of sync. If you try the demo yourself you'll see this issue doesn't exist in the full asset.)


All songs in this package are covered under a Creative Commons Zero licence and can be found here:



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