Radiation Landscape

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64 Square kilometers at 1x1 Meters vertex density.

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"AFFORDABLE LANDSCAPES 1" Owners will receive this landscape for free in the next update.

64 square kilometers. With it’s dark red atmosphere it gives the sense of being trapped on violent, red hot planet, with little chance of survival. Level theme, heavy fog and volumetric shadows makes it suitable for some survival, alien world discovery, sci-fi adventure and more plots of this kind.

Note: Brightness and/or contrast in Gifs and Videos might vary from the original content due to post processing, generation process, and compression. For more accurate look refer to screenshots.


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Video 01


• 1m Vertex density

• Surface customization through material instance parameters.

• Controllable distance based landscape tessellation.

• Library of custom plug and play functions.

- Global Normal Variation

- Distance Tessellation

- Displacement Fade

- Distance Fade

- Mask Modifier

- Cloud Panner

- Mixer

• 64 Square Kilometers of playable area.

• Fully heightmap based layer blending.

• Dynamic 2D atmosphere mist sphere.

• Dynamic Layered Cloud shadows.

• Paintable landscape layers.

• Dynamic 2D mist plane.

• Auto slope material.

• Background mesh.

Technical Details

PBR: Yes

Texture size: Up to 8K

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows

Documentation: No

[1] Landscape

[7] Materials

[8] Material Instances

[11] Material Functions

[16] Textures

[4] Meshes

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Additional notes

A) Landscape LOD distances might have been adjusted for better shapes.

B) Screenshots might have been taken with following console variables enabled: r.VolumetricFog.GridPixelSize 2 or 4.

C) Screenshots might have been taken with different lighting settings i.e rotated directional light.

D) Screenshots might not reflect latest changes in case an update is released.

E) Screenshots might have been taken with Tessellation Multiplier set to 64.

F) Screenshots might have been taken with LPVs enabled.

G) Background meshes contain no LODs.

H) A camera might have been setup in level Blueprint to play a video/fly-through as you hit Play.

I) There might have been a minimum use of Epic's Example Contents in this package i.e a texture or a mask.

J) There might have been a use of CC0 Contents in this package i.e TextureHaven.com and/or HdriHaven.com.



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