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A feature complete settings menu, with volume control, video configurations, and a keybinding remapping system.

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Preview: youtu.be/zvsWjTqI_Mc

Download and try the Demo yourself!

Quality Game Settings lets you quickly set up a complete settings menu for your Unreal 4 projects.

Contains all necessary features such as volume control, video configurations, performance settings, input system and more.

Technical Details

Keybinding system
• Replace key inputs
• Detects conflicts
• Menu generates UI from data table
• Allows key combinations (Such as Left-CTRL+A + Mouse Up)
• Remapping gamepad joysticks directions and mouse movement inputs

Audio control with separate channels
• Master, Music, Voice, Effect, Ambient

Control game quality settings:
• Resolution
• Screen mode (Fullscreen, Windowed)
• Field of view
• Performance Settings
• Motion blur
• View distance of foliage
• Bloom
• Brightness
• V-Sync
• ++

Settings are saved on disk and re-applied when game starts
Includes an example level demonstrating use of settings menu
Clean and structured blueprints

And a bunch of other smaller features, try out the Demo or read the documentation for more.

Support mail: unrealquality@gmail.com
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