Puzzle Match 3 Template

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Quick-start a Puzzle Match-3 game , a genre popularized by titles such as Puzzle and Dragons and Tower of Saviors .

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Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40-GfTyRhVc&feature=youtu.be

Puzzle Match-3 game template allows you easily create a working game and rapidly prototype the gameplay. Most of the main challenge of the mechanics has been dealt with , including the core gameplay of dragging gems , matching algorithm , round by round process of game state and player / enemy entities. With this template you can jump start your development straightaway into content development. Placeholders gameplay is also provided which you can play and understand the workings. The template is created with high customization functions in mind.

Technical Details

These are the major parts that are provided by the game template:

- Core player controls, drag and drop gem ( diagonal swapping supported )
- Matching algorithm
- Rune refilling ( loopable with matching algorithm )
- Enemy Stats / Player Stats handling
- 6 types of gem , including healing. Can be added with ENUM
- Attack / Damage / Healing mechanics
- Enemy Spawning / Respawning by using a single function.
- Combo calculation neatly embedded into a single function
- State by State process allows for easy editing of game flow.
The game template provide many work easy functions that deal with direct gameplay effect. The game is broken into state . Picking Gem , Calculating Combo, Gem Respawning , Combat Round , and repeat from there.

Game entity are as such : Puzzle Board , Combat Board , Player/Enemy.

Intended Platform:
Mobile ( Best played ) , Desktop , All



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