Puzzle Audio Bundle

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Puzzle Audio Kit is a very useful solution for many different kinds of Mini-game / Puzzle video games.

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PRODUCED BY TAO & SOUND (Custom audio)

Extensive sound demos:

- Music

- Mix

Puzzle Audio Kit is a very useful solution for many different kinds of Minigame/Puzzle videogames or apps. It contains 13 music loops; The perfect soundtrack for brain training exercises, funny puzzling and building tasks, intense moments, focusing minigames, classic detective adventures… And 154 of the most needed SFX including events, voices, gear, levers, clocks, hits, blocks, bonus, right and wrong feedback, and many more!

If your game is a classic jewels matching game, a physics puzzle, the last quiz contest or, in the other hand, a hidden objects graphic adventure, this pack will be perfect for your project.

Questions? Please write us at contact@taoandsound.com , and we’ll get back to you right away!

Technical Details

Designed for Desktop and Mobile

Content description:

- 13 original high quality music loops, that will perfectly suit any puzzle context. All of them suitable for different kinds of tasks, trivia, minigames and concentration or memory exercises.

- 154 original SFX with different versions of each one in most of cases. Very useful sounds usually needed for this kind of projects: levers, alarms, clocks, blocks, hits, gear, explosions, metal sounds, electric sounds, treasure, bonus, special moves, voices… and many more. Additionally it contains the event sound effects which offer enough audio feedback for any kind of scene in your games such as game over, start game, puzzle solved and leaderboards.

Quality: 44.100 Hz 16bit – Mp3 bitrate: 192 Kbps



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