Psychokinesis Force

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A Flexible Force pack of Telekinesis and Teleportation system, as component easily can be added to any actor, and provides dozens of editable values. Can be used as advanced force or magic system in any project.

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Customizable - Telekinesis template, with advanced features and many editable values, can be attached to any character as blueprint component, with it you can grab and put any physics object and character actors - throw them and crush them with the power of thought.

Also i provide you additional Customizable - Teleportation system, with it you can teleport wherever you looking at, you can even pass through walls and floors, and even ceilings! Those abilities can be limited or disabled as well, also you can teleport through photo-images or portals that are ready to use and easy setup.

Technical Details

Number of blueprints 8, = not counting blueprints from starter content.
Documentation will be provided as video-tutorial and Showcase map.



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