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Generate procedural noise from a single, self contained Blueprint, no code or plugins required.

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This Blueprint demonstrates how procedural noise can be generated and rendered in Unreal Engine without code or plugins. All necessary functions are contained within a single Blueprint, processes are clearly organized, and comments provided for nearly every element. Thanks to Blueprint's visual interface users will be able to follow the actions required to implement procedural noise without knowing code. Combining this with knowledge from online resources on the subject will enable users to further modify and refine this blueprint to suit the specific needs of their own projects.

Capabilities and Limitations:
Would this not be better suited to C++? Most probably, but what fun is that? Blueprints provide a way for non-coders to get involved in the functional aspects of design, and Unreal has outdone themselves with the development of this tool. Why not put it through the paces and test what it is capable of? The grid shown in the demo performs the necessary calculations and renders in less than one second. Not too shabby for Blueprints.

That being said, there are limitations. The algorithm performs calculations on every X, Y coordinate point in the grid. Calculation time will increase according to grid size and how many octave layers are being sampled. In short, rendering animated noise in real time would be completely impractical, but generating terrain for a game map should be just fine.

Technical Details

Number of Blueprints: 1

Features: Procedural noise generation, noise modification, and rendering to grid

Engine Compatibility: All

Intended Platform: All

Platforms Tested: Windows, UE 4.17

Documentation Included: No



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