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A well designed main menu with settings menu, customisable settings and much more.

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This Main Menu is inspired by different Menus, i.e. Star Wars Battlefront II.

You will get a full modern designed main menu prepared for an extensive single player setting.

The menu gives you a level selection, simple save system, credits and a settings menu with

fully working graphic and audio settings.

Most elements get their color information from a Base Color which is customizable

in the HUD Class, together with many other parameters like opacity, font styles & sizes,

button names and more. Also the main menu has a Live-Background which you can customise with your Assets.

If you miss any tutorial in the Training Video-Playlist, please contact me:

Technical Details


  • All-In-One Widget for the Base Main Menu.
  • Customizable Parameters like Basecolor, Opacity & more which affects most elements.
  • Main menu, pause menu, level selection, new game, settings, credits

Save Systems:

  • Basic gameplay save system (location, map name & more)
  • Settings save system (general settings, audio settings, graphic settings)

Level Selection:

  • Customizable with Functions/Events (take a look for tutorials)

Settings Menu:

  • General Settings (a widget with different button types, text boxes, sliders and more. You have to customize this menu)
  • Display and graphic settings
  • Audio volumes and different audio output settings
  • Audio and general settings are saved to save games and loaded in the game instance

Number of Blueprint Classes: 7

Number of Master Materials: 1

Number of Particles: 1

Number of Textures: 68

Number of Widgets: 25

Number of Soundcues: 4

Keyboard & Mouse supported: YES

Gamepad supported: NO

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Mac

Support email:



  • Fixed bugs in audio settings / resolution settings, added functionality in PMM HUD


  • Fixed a bug where graphic settings didn't saved correctly
  • Fixed all build log warnings



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