Pro HUD Pack: Horror Version

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A highly designed HUD Pack with powerful communication features.

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This HUD pack gives your game the ability to interact with the player in an elegant way. In addition to a number of powerful features such as With a crosshair system, a set of post-process effects, and a compass system, the pack is largely made up of highly-designed messaging systems. All systems are accessed via a context-sensitive interface and can be accessed from almost any class.

Technical Details


  • Quest Notificator
  • Loot Notificator
  • Epic Loot Notificator
  • Ingame Tutorial Notificator
  • Tooltip Notificator
  • Updater Notificator
  • Global Notificator
  • Compass & Marker Location System
  • Crosshair-System
  • Over +140 Icons
  • Different PostProcess Effects (Basic Blackscreen, Blur Screen, Damage Screens & more)

Additional Notes:

It was deliberately omitted a health indicator and weapon display,

as these would be too different and varied in design and structure.

Number of Blueprint Classes: 10

Number of Master Materials: 21

Number of Material Instances: 165

Number of Particles: 6

Number of Textures: 230

Number of Widgets: 24

Network replicated: No, HUD & Widget classes are completely clientside

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Mac

Support email:

*Update Notes:

  • 2018/06/09: Fixed an issue in Compass Marker System, in which the marker did not react until one faced it again with the camera. Fixed an issue with the compass where East and West were reversed.
  • 2018/11/27: Improved performance



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