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A highly designed HUD pack with strong communication features.

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This HUD pack gives your game the ability to interact with the player in an elegant way. In addition to a number of powerful features such as, with a crosshair system, a set of post-process effects, and a compass system, the pack is largely made up of highly-designed messaging systems. All systems are accessed via a context-sensitive interface and can be accessed from almost any class.

Technical Details


  • Quest Notificator
  • Loot Notificator
  • Epic Loot Notificator
  • In game Tutorial Notificator
  • Tooltip Notificator
  • Updater Notificator
  • Global Notificator
  • Compass & Marker Location System
  • Crosshair-System
  • Over +140 Icons
  • Different PostProcess Effects (Basic Blackscreen, Blur Screen, Damage Screens & more)

Additional Notes:

It was deliberately omitted a health indicator and weapon display,

as these would be too different and varied in design and structure.

Number of Blueprint Classes: 20

Number of Master Materials: 19

Number of Material Instances: 162

Number of Particles: 1

Number of Textures: 210

Number of Widgets: 24

Network replicated: No, HUD & Widget classes are completely clientside

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Mac

Support email:

When you having issues or bugs with implementation, please contact the support email, don't ask in the comment section. The creator doesn't get updated about new comments.

Update Notes:

  • 2018/08/14 - Compass & Marker System: Added new Textures to keep the compass/marker system visually responsive on bright / dark background. The old Textures can be replaced every time. Furthermore the marker text got a shadow.
  • 2018/11/27 - Improved Performance Issues.



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