Customizable Wood Floor Pack

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This pack contains eight tile layout templates that allow the user to effortlessly create great looking wood floors with their own textures in the shortest amount of time possible. Customization options allow the user to get the most out of this package.

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The customization controls for the materials are as follows:
• Master Controls (These modify the texture as a whole)
• Master Brightness
• Master Color
• Master Contrast
• Master Rotation
• Master Saturation
• Master Scale
• Roughness Controls (These Modify the texture as a whole)
• Dirtyness
• Roughness
• Wood Detail
• Sample controls (these modify individual wood tiles, each material has multiple sample controls, one for each different wood texture placed in a material)
• Sample Brightness
• Sample Color
• Sample Contrast
• Sample Rotation
• Sample Saturation
• Sample Scale
• Sample Texture

Technical Details

Number of Materials:16 (including instances)
Do Materials derive from a Master Material with instances as variation: Yes
Number of Textures:35
Texture Resolution (complete list): 1900x1925(9),1900x1900(7),1890x1890(3),1800x1798(4),1788x1789(3),1925x1900(3),1800x1795(3),1800x1800(3)
Engine Compatibility:4.11
Intended Platform:All
Platforms Tested:PC
Documentation Included: No



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