Pots and Pans Kit

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A collection of pots, pans, and lids for use in all ranges of projects

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This is a set of 14 static meshes that make up a fairly common pot and pan kit one might find in a store or in a kitchen. These props have been modeled to the most common measurements found in pots and pans in the US. These make great filler assets for any kitchen scene in a game or visualization and are made to be very flexible.

Features of the pack include:

  • 3 LOD per a model
  • Light Map UV's
  • 1 Master Material with two Material Instances included (clean and dirty). You can make and customize your own!
  • Customizable Paint and Rubber Color (Pink, Green, Grey, you name it you can have it)
  • Scratch, Grime, and Scorch wear and tear driven by a single packed Mask Texture
  • All assets share the same 4K Texture Set: Base Color with Color Selection Mask in the Alpha, a Packed Metalness, Roughness, and AO Map Texture (MRAO), and a Normal Map
  • Two Glass Materials to fit your project-a simple Opacity Dither Glass and a more complex Glass with Refraction.
  • Display Elements (Cut out Cube and it's Material) Included

Technical Details


  •  3 LODs per a Model
  •  Light Map UVs
  •  Master Material driven Material Instances
  • Scratch, Grime, and Scorch wear and tear driven by a Packed Mask Texture
  • Material Instance allows for color change on Paint and Rubber handles, custom settings for wear level, scratch level, scorch level, as well as associated roughness, metallic, and color settings.
  • 1 Cheap, Dither Opacity based Glass
  • 1 Expensive, Refracted Glass

Texture Sizes:

  •  1 4096x4096 Base Color+Alpha Mask
  • 1 4096x4096 MRAO (Metalness, Roughness, Ambient Occlusion) Packed Map
  •  1 4096x4096 Normal Map
  •  1 4096x4096 Scratch, Grime, and Scorch Packed MASK Map

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Collision: Yes, automatically generated

Vertex Count (LOD 0 ONLY):

  • Pan: 124
  • Griddle: 210
  • Pan Rack: 1262
  • Spatula: 194
  • Lid 3QT: 948
  • Spoon: 356
  • Lid 1QT: 948
  • Lid 10IN: 948
  • Frying Pan 10IN: 769
  • Frying Pan 8IN: 736
  • Pasta Pot: 1822
  • Sauce Pan 3QT: 769
  • Saute Pan 3QT: 741
  • Sauce Pan 1QT: 652
  • Display Cube: 273 (but you'd never use this in an actual project anyway. Display Purposes Only)

LODs: 0, 1, 2

Number of Meshes: 15, 14 pots and pans and 1 display cube

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 4 Materials (1 Simple Display Cube material, 1 Cheap Glass, 1 Expensive Glass, 1 Pots n Pans Master) with 4 Material Instances (All Glass or Pots n Pans based)

Number of Textures: 4

Supported Development Platforms: PC, Console, VR

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC, Console, VR



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