Poly Castle Infrastructure

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The Poly Castle Infrastructure pack is a low poly asset pack containing a set of assets that will enable the user to create a comprehensive medieval environment. Structures come with multiple levels of construction to simulate different upgrades.

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The package is a large and diverse collection of (low poly art style) assets mainly focusing on pre-constructed infrastructure. This can be used to create Castle building games, RTS games, and adventure games. Also included in this package is a selection of environmental and supporting assets to create complete environments. The assets are given in the form of a complete stand alone project. They can easily be migrated to your project by right clicking on the asset, going to asset action and selecting migrate, and then selecting your projects content folder and clicking open.

Most of the structures comes with 3 levels of advancement but some of them have 4. All of the infrastructure assets can be color adjusted via material instances. Emissive color and intensity can also be adjusted the same way on assets that will benefit from glowing effects. Colors can be adjusted to any color you desire!

The asset pack is all round low poly in design, ranging between 20 and 7800 triangles. Most assets only use one LOD level but some of the higher poly assets have 3 LOD levels for additional performance optimization. Some particle effects are included such as fire, smoke, dust and so on. All particle effects represent a low poly art style and comes with 3 LOD levels.

Animations were created for the structures that can benefit from them, e.g. Mills and Gates. All assets are scaled to the UE4 mannequin.

Technical Details


( levels indicate that there are different meshes that represent upgrade levels)

( The number that is found on the end of some features indicate the amount of assets under that category)

  • Apple Farm, 3 levels.
  • Bakery, 3 levels.
  • Construction Assets, 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large (to simulate buildings being built).
  • Granary, 3 levels.
  • House, 3 levels.
  • Keep (Castle building), 4 levels.
  • Wind mill, 4 levels (comes with turning animations).
  • Mine, 3 levels.
  • Rubble Assets, 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large (to simulate destroyed buildings).
  • Stockpile, 1 level. (Platform to store stuff on).
  • Treasury, 3 levels. (5 gold levels included to indicate increasing wealth).
  • Wall, 3 levels.
  • Gate, 3 levels. (With opening and closing animations)
  • Tower, 3 levels.
  • War camp (to simulate a warrior training facility), 3 levels.
  • Water Well, 1 level.
  • Wheat Farm, 3 levels.
  • Wood mans hut, 3 levels.
  • Extra Buildings - 19.
  • Floor tiles - 6 (Environmental)
  • Nature assets - 13.
  • Flags - 2 (color adjustable).
  • Particles - 5 (3 lod levels).
  • Additional Extras, - 17
  • Meshes: 146
  • Materials: 102
  • Textures: 101 - 512x512 - 256x256.
  • Colision: Yes, generated mostly but some use per poly.
  • Vertex: 60 - 14800.
  • This pack is not intended for mobile use.

Please contact me for any support, thanks and enjoy the assets!



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