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PlayUp Tools Plugin for UE4 allows you to import PlayUp levels generated from SketchUp.

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When it's easy to make content, there’s more time to be creative.
A productivity tool designed for designers, PlayUp Tools simplifies the process of exporting and importing content by allowing SketchUp users an easy and optimized pipeline for porting and placing a level full of components and groups into the UE4 game engine.
The PlayUp Tools Plugin for UE4 is the importer piece of the pipeline, allowing content that has been exported with the PlayUp Tools Plugin for SketchUp to be processed through the UE4 editor.

Technical Details

• PlayUp (Developer)

Intended Platform: Windows Version of UE4 Editor
Platforms Tested: Windows 10
Documentation Included: Yes
Important/Additional Notes: This importer works with files generated by the PlayUp Tools Plugin for SketchUp. To try it with a sample export, look in the /Demo folder.



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