Plane And Space Ship Controller

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An Actor Controller Blueprint that lets you take control of almost any Actor and fly it around. This controller is meant to feel like a plane or space ship and uses a throttle system for forward motion.

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Full Documentation:

- An actor component Blueprint for controlling an actors movements.
- An actor component Blueprint for adjusting ailerons and other control surfaces.
- An actor component Blueprint for camera controls independent from the movement controller.
- UAV art assets for demonstrating the components on.

This package is meant to allow the user to easily rig up any type of art asset or Blueprints they may have and to make them into a flying playable pawn. This particular controller uses a throttle system to control forward flight speed, and is meant to allow the player to create a feeling of flying in a plane, space ship, fighter, or variety of other fast moving objects. It also includes a controller for moving control surfaces based on inputs.

There are a large number of options available to allow the user to customize these Blueprints to provide the desired results for their particular type of asset, while still being relatively simple to implement consisting of just some Actor Component Blueprints that can be easily dropped into any Blueprint and rigged up within minutes in the event graph.

Technical Details

This controller does require the scene root to be a physics simulating component, and for the camera controls to work require s a spring arm with a camera on it.

Control surfaces will also require specific naming in order for the Aileron Controller to effect them, however that naming can be customized to an extent.

Includes 3 actor component blueprints, and 3 pawn blueprints.

Plane_Controller (actor component)

Aileron_Controller (actor component)

Camera_controller (actor component)

UAV_Plane_BP_Aileron_Demo (pawn)

UAV_Plane_BP_Demo (pawn)

UAV_plane_BP_Fixed_Camera_Demo [pawn]

1 Static Mesh: 1154 vertices, automatically generated collisions.

1 Master Material

4 Textures

Input Mappings: Keyboard mappings included for the following Axis's. MoveForward, MoveRight, LookUp, and Turn. (you can use whichever ones you want though)

Network Replicated: Yes (Added in an update)

Has been tested on Windows Platforms.



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