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PID Controller useful for steering control, projectiles control, navigation, physics control, etc.

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A PID controller allows you to control a variable in your system, by reading its value, comparing it with a reference and providing an output that can be applied to your system to reduce the error or the difference between the two (variable and reference). With a PID controller you can easily control a complex physic system without knowing the details of the implementations, it can be useful for steering control in vehicles, Navigation in NPC or cameras, projectiles control, followers of any kind, even for character control with analog input devices such thumbsticks or pads. When ever you need a variable in your game to follow a reference, a PID controller will be a great solution.


Video Tutorials:


Vehicle Steering:

Camera Rotation Control:

Character Head Follower

Missile Steering Control:

Technical Details

List of Features:

Custom Module: PID

Implements PIDController class that inherites from UObject.

Provides bluprintCallable function to set minimal and maximal value of the process variable which by default is set between 0 and 1.

Provides functions to set proportional constant Kp, Integral constant Ki, and derivative constant Kd.

Provides bluprintCallable function to Process the PIDController and get an output value to control the process each frame.

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms

Win32, Win64, Android, IOS (not supported in 4.19)

Supported Target Build Platforms

Win32, Win64, Android,IOS (not supported in 4.19)

DISCLAIMER: IOS is not supported for UE 4.19 due to some pending developments on the Engine Toolchain. It will be added as soon as Epic gives a green light for the IOS support.



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