PID Controller

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PID Controller is an ActorComponent Blueprint that allows you to easily add process automation to your Blueprints for all kinds of applications! - Flight stabilization - Thrust vectoring - Balancing robotics - Motorized camera gimbals…

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This ActorComponent allows you to add automation and stabilization to your blueprint projects. PID Controllers are a must have tool for gameplay mechanic and control development. They are used in all kinds of industrial processes and robotic gadgets like quadcopters, hexapods, space craft reaction control systems, aircraft guidance, and more!
Included are 6 example pawns, ranging in complexity to demonstrate a few of the ways that PID Controllers can be used to automate processes in your Unreal Engine 4 projects.
The 1st example pawn, “PIDExample_BallanceCone” shows how PID Controllers can be used to balance and tilt objects using torque.
The 2nd example pawn, “PIDExample_FlyingCube” shows how PID Controllers can use thrusters to control the velocity of an object.
The 3rd example pawn, “PIDExample_Rocket” demonstrates thrust vectoring using PID Controllers and physics constraints.
Examples 4, 5 and 6 demonstrate how PID Controllers can be linked, allowing multiple simple automated processes to produce complex automated behaviors. This 3-part example shows, in increasing complexity, how to create a stabilized thruster platform that can easily be programmed to automatically navigate along pre-determined paths. All using physics and thrusters!

Technical Details

1 Main Blueprint
----- PIDController (ActorComponent)
6 Example Pawns
----- PIDExample_BallanceCone (Pawn)
----- PIDExample_FlyingCube (Pawn)
----- PIDExample_Rocket (Pawn)
----- PIDExample_Platform_Part1 (Pawn)
----- PIDExample_Platform_Part1 (Pawn)
----- PIDExample_Platform_Part1 (Pawn)
5 Tutorial Blueprints
----- PIDControllerTutorial
----- PID_BallanceConeTutorial
----- PID_FlyingCubeTutorial
----- PID_RocketTutorial
----- PID_PlatformTutorial
1 Example Static Mesh
----- SM_RocketFlames
2 Example Textures
----- T_RocketFlames_L
----- T_RocketFlames_O



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