Physics-based projectiles

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Projectile inventory system combined with a physics-based launcher that predicts a travel path.

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For some video game genres, when launching a projectile (a hand grenade, for instance) it is useful and necessary to show the player the range of said projectile and the trajectory it will travel.

By using a set of particle beams and a decal at the end of this set, this system helps the player choose the best strategy for launching a projectile towards a desired target.

This system also includes a simple way of creating more types of projectiles (classes) with minimum effort from the designer. These classes can then be a part of a projectile inventory system that keeps track of all the possible projectiles that can be launched and also lets the player know which kind of projectile will be shot. This project can also serve as a great learning tool because it covers a lot of Blueprint topics (check the list of features) and physics concepts explained in detail.

Technical Details

Engine Version: 4.8
Platform Tested: PC
Intended Platform: All
Documentation Included: Yes, video and a text document
Number of Blueprints: 11 Blueprint Classes, 1 Enumeration and 1 Widget
Blueprint (13 total)

List of Features:
● Projectile inventory system
● Easy creation and incorporation of new projectile classes
● Use of beam emitter parameters in Blueprints
● Use of physics equations to simulate real-life behavior
● Spline components as references for beam emitters
● Practical use of interface Blueprints
● Basic use of a widget Blueprint as part of the projectile inventory system
● Use of depth of field effect
● Custom gravity behavior
● Editable projectile launch velocities and angle
● User specified properties to manipulate beam trajectories, such as number of beams that make up a travel path
● Well-documented Blueprint classes and separate documentation explaining how the system works



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