Physics Interaction: Doors and Locks (drawers, windows, chests and more)

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Quickly and easily create physics simulated interactive doors, locks, and other moving systems using your own meshes.

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Preview video:


This system allows you to use your own meshes to create physics simulated open-able/lock-able systems such as a door, handle, bolt lock, etc. very quickly, with wide variety of properties such as direction, limit, type (linear or angular), and many more.

There is no need to modify your current character. Just add two components, set up input events, and it is ready. Can be used with projects from First person to full VR. There are multiple detection methods including tracing and mouse pointer which can be changed from a simple drop down. Or you can use a custom mesh collision for detection using one function node.

There are utilities to make usage easier:

  • Template Creator - save placed StaticPart/Openables/Locksets combination as a template (e.g. a door with a handle and bolt lock), to spawn the saved actors in editor without having to rebuild the same thing over again.
  • Extension Event Component - makes it easy to extend functionality by providing easy access to important events of Openable/Lockset via event dispatchers (e.g. Openable got opened, Lockset got locked etc.).

Technical Details


  • Easy to set up, easy to use, easy to extend
  • Ability to check if input got used for interaction. Can be used to use same key for both Interacting and any other action (e.g. firing a gun)
  • Supports First person, Third person, Top Down, full VR, and probably any other type
  • Multiple detection methods - trace, mouse cursor or custom mesh collision
  • Mesh collision detection prioritizes Lockset. Prevents accidentally grabbing door when intended to grab handle. Mostly useful in VR
  • Select any actor as a key
  • Basic inventory system for picking up keys (not visual, just a string array)
  • Can change custom Collision Profile of Openable and Lockset meshes
  • Basic, modifiable sound system for playing sounds when certain events happen e.g. door opened, lock got unlocked, etc.
  • Save created actors as templates (prefab) to spawn without having to copy paste/rebuild
  • Easily access events from other actors and extend functionality of system itself

Number of Blueprints: 9

Input: Standard Input system (Demo supports Keyboard+Mouse, Gamepad, and Motion Controller)

Network Replicated: No

Supported Platforms: Intended all (tested Windows, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift)

Documentation: Tutorial PDF, Extra Guides

Important/Additional Notes: Demo characters in project are not meant to be used as a base for your character because their PlayerController is very specific to the demo.

Change demo characters using keyboard:

1 - 1st Person; 2 - 3rd Person; 3 - Top Down; 4 - VR (play using VR Preview)

If you like this, please leave a rating. It helps a lot! :)



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