Physical Water and Ice Materials

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New Physical Water and Ice Material shaders. All the preview materials are made with the same shader. It includes all the needed info to modify the shaders of both water and ice materials.

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This package includes:

- All diffuse textures in 2K with their own normal maps.

- A demo scene showing all working shaders.

- A full info explanation in the iMaterials about how they can be configured and how they work.

Technical Details


Important additional notes: 

  • with this material you're able to create all ice and water photorealistic shaders that are used in AAA videogames.

Texture Resolutions:

  • All the available textures have been made in 2K
  • Inside the project, you will find two reflection textures, one of them is used inside the scene and the other one is a general one that you can use. We recommend to do a cube render target to make a texture of your scene to use as a reflection. Notice that the texture is published inside the parameters in order to change them easily.

Number of Materials: 6

Number of Textures: 15

  • Textures made by Frogames ( ). Copyright and extracted from CG Textures by GreenEyezz-stock who provides Textures in  and are free to use. By purchasing this product, you are able to use the materials and textures without restrictions in all kind of projects, included comercial ones.

Supported Development & Target Build Platforms: Windows, Mac

Documentation: all the documentation is included within the iMaterials



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