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Photo mode, take amazing pictures in-game!

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Would you like to be able to take pictures in-game? Would you like to make amazing in-game shots for media?

The Photomode allows you to drag & drop a photomode into your project and instantly start taking amazing pictures!

Change saturation, contrast, gain, gamma, grain and much more with a easy and clean UI.

The pack comes with it's own Day And Night blueprint* to control the day and night time inside the pictures as well as full Gamepad support!

Furthermore we've created a interface that calls useful functions such as "Pre-Enter PhotoMode" and "Post-Enter Photomode" to let you easily affect the game and character when going into and out of photo mode.

This would allow you to hide the character, set a certain setting, define booleans and much more before and after photomode!

List of features:

Enter and exit photomode by the click of a button

Full gamepad support

Reset slider support(also in gamepad)

Smooth exit functionality

Blueprint interface for easy API control(For example, hide and unhide player on enter and exit)

All values are exposed and can be changed easily in the Photo compoment

Ability to lock movement with gamepad

Saturation control Gamma control Gain control Contrast control Camera roll control Time of day control

Camera FOV control Grain control Fringe control

Color grading intensity control

Color grading select

Screen quality

DOF options

Screenshot scale

Technical Details

Disclaimer: The Time of day blueprint supplied in the pack is created for the photomode, it does not support automatic time of day rotation.

Disclaimer: Content used in the pictures has been approved for usage in imagery/videos by their respective creators.

Blueprints: 4

Enums: 5

Widgets: 1

Textures: 10

Intended platform + tested:


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