Photo Real Rocks

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A set of 8 highly realistic, game ready photo-scanned rocks

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This pack contains 8 highly realistic looking rocks. These have been reconstructed from photo-scanned data to create pixel perfect replicas of real life rocks. The rocks are game ready with LODs and collision all set up and ready to go. Physically accurate maps have been created to make maximum use of Unreal 4’s physically based shading system. The end result is a set of the most accurate and realistic rocks you could imagine.

Technical Details

Designed for all platforms

-Number of Meshes: 8
-Number of Materials: 1 parent, 8 instances
-Range of Tris: Pack Assets range from 494 to 1,326 Tris (please note LODs are
included so the asset with 1,326 tris reduces all the way to 76 at LOD2)
-Average Tris: Pack average around 600 Tris
-Texture Sizes: This pack contains 17 textures (8 diffuse+roughness maps, 8
normal maps, 1 detail normal
-Texture Types: Each asset contains a Normal Map, Diffuse Map, and Roughness



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