Phoenyx LBX-1 Tank

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Phoenyx LBX-1 Tank Blueprint Vehicle.

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Phoenyx LBX-1 Tank Blueprint Vehicle or Light Battle eXperimental-transport-1: includes customizable movement with reactive suspension and weapon components, 2 sample weapon projectiles with built in follow cameras, visual aiming cues for arcing-type projectiles, sample muzzle flash and projectile trails, zoom-in aim functions, sample reload with HUD tie-in, sample targets that re-spawn automatically in demo level, sample camera shake Blueprint, multiple crosshair textures that are easily swapped in HUD Blueprint, Third Person and First Person aim functions built into the weapons component and 11 vehicle color options are available.

Technical Details

Number of Blueprints: 10

List of features: Vehicle features include adjustable speed and turn rate, health settings, zoom camera field of view settings, color swapping is built into construction script for easy color changing in editor viewport, adjustable in-game visual targeting cues for arcing-type projectiles, full range of in-game debugging information can be accessed via a single switch of Boolean variable from editor viewport, adjustable suspension settings, adjustable reload times, and adjustable turret pitch and turn rates.

Engine Compatibility: 4.9
Intended Platform: Desktop



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