Phoenyx Alien Skies

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2 Blueprints for Space Flight and Planetary Surface use.

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This pack includes 2 ready to drop-in Blueprints for Space Flight or Planetary scenes, 12 deep space textures, 2 base materials with changeable options from Blueprints, 5 additional materials for other objects in pack. The Planetary Blueprint has many of the same features as the default BP_Skysphere of UE4 with some added features which include: Adjustable Primary Sun Size, Secondary Sun, Moon, Planetoid with Micro Moon all with adjustable sizes and the Planetoid has local atmosphere settings, adjustable clouds and sky colors; each add-in object can have its own orbit path around central planetary surface and the micro moon can orbit the planetoid as well all with adjustable orbit speeds, the atmosphere of the planetoid has the options to change atmosphere cloud color, opacity and movement speeds. Demo level showcases the Space Flight view, the Time of Day cycling as well as all the other features of the Blueprints.

Technical Details

Number of Blueprints: 2

Planetary Blueprint Features include:
• Adjustable Primary Sun Size
• Secondary Sun
• Moon
• Planetoid with Micro Moon with adjustable local atmosphere settings
• adjustable clouds and sky colors
• object orbit path settings around central planetary surface
• micro moon orbit path settings
• adjustable orbit speeds
• planetoid atmosphere options to change cloud color
• opacity and movement speeds
• changeable night-time deep space scenes

Space Flight Blueprint Features include:
• swapable deep space scenes for Space Flight.

Intended Platform: Desktop
Platforms Tested: Desktop



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