Peaceful Valley River

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Peaceful Valley River is an environment that contains a lot of photorealistic nature assets that can fit in any type of scene (trees, rocks, mushrooms, plants, grass, and debris. A great water system is included and an easily customizable landscape.

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It contains everything’s that you need for creating a satisfying river / valley scene. All the models is optimised with LOD's to run smoothly and they are quietly low in polygon except for the trees which is between 32k-47k polygons. This package contains a great variety of mushrooms (Agaricus, Blusher, Chanterelles, Glistening inkcap, Honey Fungus, Meadow Waxcap, Oyster, Slender Parasol, Lichen) A lot of high quality rocks who can easily be rotated, scaled, and use textures and materials on any rocks (Cliffs, Large, Medium and small) Some great plants and grass (Fern, Leaves, small trees, pine plant, nenuphar, clover leafs, grass, flowers, and more). The trees are all highly detailed and at an amazing resolution. I Included a basic wooden fence and some ground debris like leaves or branches. A simple spline based water system easy to use, smoothly customizable and with high quality maps. The landscape has 6 different textures and a wetness puddles ground (Cliff, Dirt ground, Leaves ground, rocky ground, grass, mud) all is in 4096x4096 resolution and seamless. I also included a great post process with my own texture for the Color palette, the lens flare (bokeh) and the dirt effect and i included a post process materials that add a little sharpen to the scene. The post process give you anything you need to create a lovely sunlight type scene. The color and all the effects are easily tweakable. Also i included some sound effects that add just more small detail and credibility to the maps realism. And just to give more taste I add a nice looking low poly background mountain. Tested with a Nvidia GTX 1060 run at constant 60-70 at epic and 45 to 60 at supreme. The demonstration map is large with alot of foliage and trees.

Technical Details

Update 3 RELEASED 4.19-4.20!

  •  High resolution models and textures (4K for most)
  • Optimised with LOD's | 60-70 fps at epic / supreme (1060 gtx)
  •  Simple spline based river with flow
  •  Smooth Sound Effects (Bird and wind Background song, River attenuation, waterfall attenuation and calm river attenuation.)
  • 6 Beautiful post process settings and some unique textures
  • High quality landscape with 6 4096x4096 seamless textures and one wetness ground (puddle)
  • High quality sculpted models (Rocks, Trees)
  • Procedural Landscape and spawner

Texture Sizes:

The landscapes and all the meshes: 4096x4096

Only the grass is : 2048x2048

Collision: Yes

Poly count:

Trees: 19K to 48K

Mushrooms: 1 to 3k

Foliage: 400 to 2k for most / 1 in 4k

Rocks: 900 to 16k

LODs: 4 Levels of LOD's for each models and culling distance for foliage.

Number of Meshes: 84

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 141

Number of Textures: 393

Tested Platforms: Windows 10

Characteristics of the PC, which was used for testing this content:

i7 - 4490k



Epic: 60-80 fps

Supreme: 40-65 fps

Intended Platform: Conditionally all

Models preview:

Video demonstration:

Support and feedback page:

Support Email:



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