PBR Plant Pack Volume 2

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Contains 11 different types of plants, for a total of 96 unique plant meshes. Each plant implements PBR textures (base colour, normal, AO, metallic/roughness) with easily adjustable material parameters.

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Textures were created using a high resolution CCD scanner for improved depth information. Careful creation of alpha maps as well as some removal of dust/dirt/scratches was performed. Normal, AO, and metallic/roughness maps were created to enabled PBR materials. Materials setup with easily adjustable parameters for normals, roughness, metallic, subsurface opacity, and subsurface colour.


  • 11 different plants
  • 96 unique plant meshes
  • Unique textures for both top and bottom of leaves.
  • PBR Materials (base colour/alpha, normal, AO, metallic/roughness maps)
  • Material instances with easy adjustable values for normals, roughness, metallic, subsurface colour and opacity.
  • 4096x4096 texture resolution for all plants
  • 22 to 384 polygons per plant mesh
  • All plant types have at least 8 unique meshes.

A video demonstrating this asset in a demo map within UE4 can be found here.

Technical Details

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
Texture Size (please list textures for each resolution): 4096x4096: 44 textures (base colour, normal, metal/roughness, AO)
Collision: None
Vertex Count: 48 to 744
Number of Meshes: 96
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 11 Materials, 11 Material Instances
Number of Textures: 40
Intended Platform: PC
Platforms Tested: PC
Documentation Included: No
Important\Additional Notes: None



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