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Grid pathfinding with Breadth First, Dijkstra, A* (A star), and Greedy Best-First

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Pathfinding provides the ability to find viable paths to a destination using algorithms. This Blueprint explores how different algorithms, heuristics, and rules affect search and movement between graph nodes on a regular grid in search of the final destination.

Seeing the algos run in a delayed psuedo-loop lets you visualize how efficient or effective pathfinding settings really are, with stats to back it up. The results of different combinations may surprise you.

Technical Details


  • Algorithms: Breadth First, Dijkstra, A* (A star), Greedy Best-First
  • Heuristics: Manhattan, Octile, Euclidean, Chebyshev, plus heuristic weighting with A*
  • Control diagonal movement: Never, no obstacles, one obstacle, or always
  • Set up for square tile and hex tile grids, and landscapes
  • Visualize the process with delayed psuedo-loop
  • Comments on functions and nodes explain the processes


Number of Blueprints: 1

Input: Keyboard

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Desktop, consoles and mobile

Supported Target Build Platforms: Desktop, consoles and mobile

Documentation: Comments in Blueprint



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