Parkour Movement System

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The Parkour Movement System adds a host of parkour movements to your game (Vaulting, Mantle, Sliding, Horizontal & Vertical Wall Runs, Wall Climbing, Wall Jumps.) Ideal for games that want to give the player proper freedom of movement.

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The Parkour Movement System adds a host of new movement types to your game inspired by games like Titanfall and Mirrors Edge, the Parkour Movement System is ideal for games that want to give proper freedom of movement to the player. The system is trace based meaning it's fully dynamic so you don't need to add any extra volumes or actors to your level, you simply add the Blueprint component to your character, link the required events and you are good to go!

Overview Video:

Technical Details


  • Multiple Moves are included
  • Vaulting
  • Mantle
  • Wall-Climbing
  • Horizontal Wall Runs
  • Vertical Wall Runs
  • Wall Jumping
  • Sliding
  • Easy-To-Use: Simply add the Blueprint Component to your character, link the two required events and you are all set to go
  • Customizable: Every parameter and function has been organized and exposed, so changing anything regarding the moves ( Number of traces for the move, Min/Max height required etc ) is extremely easy to change and tweak to your like
  • Trace-Based:The system is fully dynamic ( the detection for each movement is done with traces against world geometry ) so you don't need extra actors or volumes in your level

Number of Blueprints:1 Character Blueprint, 1 Blueprint Component, 2 Blueprint Enums

Input: Gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse

Network Replicated: No, Coming Soon!

Supported Development Platforms: Tested on Windows should work in any platform

Supported Target Build Platforms: Tested on Windows

Documentation: Every Blueprint node and function has been thoroughly commented and categorized so its as easy to understand as possible

Support Email:

Update 1 & 2

*Fixed an issue where the mantle move would be performed if the player tried to walk off a platform

*Organized the node arrangement of the Parkour Movement Component Event Graph

*Added an Animation Template with the logic required for the parkour moves, open the included Animation Blueprint and plug in your own animations

*The camera animations for each move can now be disabled / enabled, toggle on/off the bPlayCameraAnimation flag for each move that you want or dont want the camera animations to play for



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