PadLock System - 3 Designs - Customizable

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A new PadLock System with Codes that can be pre-set by the developer with 3 different designs (Futuristic, Vintage and Cave), Sound Effects, and more!

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This PadLock System allows you to insert the padlock wherever you want and set an event to happen when the player unlocks it (For Example: print a string, teleport the player, open a door or kill him), you can also set the Code and it length.

The system contains 3 PadLock designs with their own widget and blueprint, you can duplicate them as much as you want following the instructions in the documentation.

It is 100% customizable!: You can change the sounds, the designs, the buttons and more. It is 100% Blueprint made, and every node has a comment to let you know what are you changing.


When buying this you get 100% support from the team!

Technical Details


  •  3 Different Padlock designs.
  •  Instructions.txt available.
  • You can set different codes for each PadLock you place (Following Instructions.txt).
  • You can set any event to execute when the player unlocks it.
  •  Sound Effects (Customizable).
  • Supports First Person, Third Person and any other gamemode.
  • Supports Multiplayer.
  • Supports Windows/MacOs.
  • Supports As many PadLocks as you require in your game.
  • Just Drop the PadLock into your level, set the code and its done.
  • The design is 100% customizable.

Number of Blueprints: One per PadLock.

Numbers of Widgets: One per PadLock.

Input: F (To open the PadLock) Mouse Input (To Unlock it).

Supported Platforms: Windows/Mac.

Documentation: Instructions.txt (Inside the ZIP Folder).



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