Pad Lock and Keypad Blueprint

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Fully functioning padlock and keypad with animated keys, lights and sounds. Make your own code or use a random 4 digit code to unlock a door.

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The padlock blueprint allows you to place a door with a padlock into your
game with minimal effort. The blueprint includes all required meshes and
PBR textures. Animations for the padlock unlocking and the door opening are
also included. Easily replace the meshes with your own to customize the
blueprint even further.

The keypad blueprint allows you to place a keypad and locked door into your
level. After dragging and dropping it into your level, select the door and
give it a name such as 'Door 1'. Drag and drop the keypad into your level
and under 'Door to Control' set this to the name of the door you wish it to
control. Easily replace the included meshes and sound effects with your own.

The keypad blueprint offers customization where you can set any length
code, have the code automatically entered when enough keys are pressed,
camera offset, automatically opening the door when the code is entered etc.

You can place as many keypads, doors or padlocks as you require in the
level and they all work independently. You can also control more than one
locked door with a single keypad.

Technical Details

- Quick and easy setup
- Migrate the Keypad and Padlock folders to your project
- Written tutorial available
- Drag and drop blueprints into you level, set code and that's it
- Use the mouse to press keys to enter the code
- Animations for the keys being pressed and the door opening are included
- Meshes and PBR textures are included
- Randomize code option
- You are able to replace the meshes and add your own sound effects
- Tested on Windows using the First Person Template

Number of Blueprints: 3
Number of Static Meshes: 24
Number of Sound Cues: 4
Intended Platforms: Windows



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