Orbit Weather and Seasons

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A blueprint driven weather, time of day & seasons system designed for maximum flexibility and performance.

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    4.12 - 4.16


Preview: youtube.com/watch?v=FkW4athNm1s

A blueprint driven weather, time of day & seasons system designed for maximum flexibility and performance. Define your own environment, or allow automation scripts to do it for you. Choose from 6 template weather profiles, or create up to 6 of your own. Supports cross-compatibility with Landscape Auto Material and Physical Water Surface.

Technical Details

Number of Blueprints: 2

Full feature list:
• Dynamic, volumetric stratus clouds with fully customizable lighting, shading and shaping parameters
• Customizable backdrop cloudscapes
• Dynamic volumetric fog
• Cardinal directional wind
• Customizable mesh-based moon with phasing & orbital rotation
• Customizable sun with orbital rotation
• Customizable sky with horizon, meridian and zenith zone sizes and coloration
• Support for HDRi Skydome textures for hi resolution static skies
• Customizable starsheet with flickering and simulated earth rotation
• Customizable advanced starfield with nebula generator
• Customizable non-volumetric height fog
• Customizable rain and snow that falls based on probability and conditional checks and accumulates in uncovered spaces and doesn't in covered spaces
• Customizable procedural lightning shaping and placement with spatialized thunder audio
• Customizable seasons that can pass at runtime and affect temperature and precipitation chances
• Customizable loadable/saveable weather patterns
• Full time of day system with controllable speed options, manually set all values in system or let system live and breath on it's own
• Fully automated calendar logic, with support for changing seasons by
month, as well as Northern & Southern Hemispheres.

Intended Platform: Windows
Platforms Tested: Windows
Documentation Included: Yes



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