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Integrate and custom your own Options Menu: get Scalability, Inputs, Sound and custom settings easily through the Option Menu Kit, customize every parts of the UI and get the gamepad dynamically integrated through the rebinding system.

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Preview: youtu.be/8XloKUWO-tI
Build Demo: jonathan-belot.com/Files/FullOptionMenuKit.rar

(Don't forget to download the example project that contain the BPs)
New for 4.13 and 4.14 : Edit your settings and get the BPs directly in the Editor !
The Options Menu Kit is working with a created plugin which expose needed c++ function for the input system, sound system and config files. You can use this nodes for every purposes on your project. This kit include a main Blueprint Widget where all the settings are displayed. Theses settings are :
- Custom Settings which is just a canvas panel created to allow you to add your own settings.
- Scalability which regroup every scalability customization which are applied on start and saved.
- Rebinding allowing you to modify existing inputs and dynamically integrate a gamepad with no coding.
- Sound allowing you to customize sound class volumes which are saved in GameUserSettings.ini and applied on start.

Technical Details

Feature :
*In Editor Settings :
- Edit your settings and get the BPs directly from the Editor with a specific Property Window !
*Scalability :
-Set classic scalability settings such as Resolution, Post Process, Anti Aliasing, Bloom, Motion Blur, Lens Flare, ect..
-Save each settings in config ini files and apply it on start of the game
-Quality benchmark, if no settings has been set, is launched which will set Scalability settings based upon your system configuration.
*Rebinding system :
-Display and modify every input which are set in the project settings
- Handle input conflict, remove the old existing key such CS:GO rebinding system
- Filter inputs you don't want to be reachable and modifiable.
-Option to integrate a gamepad dynamically with no coding required.
- Modify sound class volumes through sliders or mute them.
- Save it in config file to be applied on start.

Number of Blueprints : 18
Intended Platform: Windows (Consoles in the next update)
Platforms Tested: Windows
Documentation Included: Yes ( PDF inside the project folder)
Example Project: mega.nz/#!UQEkjJCS!jI_p1cl151i_-mB28_kHQKjsFGSqNTk88wGSKu1vFEE



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