Old Style Graphics

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Old Style Graphics is a set of Post Process Materials that will make your game look as if it was made long time ago.

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Old Style Graphics is a set of Post Process Materials that will make your game look as if it was made long time ago.

Preview and How-To-Use:


Tutorial - how to create you own color patterns:


List of available Post Effects


- Black/White 2 Colors

- GB 4 Colors Diffuse 50%

- GB 4 Colors Pattern

- GB 4 Colors Simple

Simple (no dither):

- CGA All Colors

- CGA Palette 1 Colors

- EGA Colors

- NES Colors

- Simple 256 Colors

- Windows System 256 Colors

Complex (Dither + Pattern):

- CGA Palette 1 Diffusion 10%

- CGA Palette 1 Diffusion 25%

- CGA Palette 1 Pattern

- CGA All Colors Diffusion 10%

- EGA Diffusion 25%

- EGA Diffusion 50%

- EGA Pattern

- NES Diffusion 10%

- NES Diffusion 25%

- NES Pattern

- Windows 256 Dither

Pixel Matrix Effects:

- Scanlines

- Trinitron

- VGA Lines

Pixel Quantize:

- 2x Pixels

- 3x Pixels

- 4x Pixels

Need more color schemes? Have questions? Feel free to contact me!

Disclaimer: Props in screenshots are for example purposes and are not included in this product.

Technical Details

Number of Master Materials: 5

Number of Material Instances: 27

Number of Textures: 27

Platform Tested: Windows

Important/Additional Notes:

- In PostProcessVolume use AutoExposure/Exposure Bias to additionally adjust colors.

- To avoid jittering, in Engine Scability Settings set PostProcessing and Effects to Low. You can also turn off AA and Eye Adaptation.



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