Old Monitor Shader

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Bring back the old times with this material, which contains many features!

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Video Overview: https://youtu.be/Q-bpXKhrhMc

Bring back the old times with this material, which contains many features!

How to use? Create a material instance from the M_OldMonitor material!

You can use your own textures, it works with render target as well! You can create a perfect CCTV effect with ease!

The package comes with a retro style computer which was made with face weighted normals (medium polygon modelling ) technique and use deffered decal material as well.

The pack also contains a Remap material function.

Technical Details


  •  Old school monitor stripe effect
  •  Monochrome toggle
  •  Turn ON/OFF the monitor with stylish effect
  • Background Noise
  • Constant noise lines
  • Random noise lines
  • Sync distorsion effect
  • Full image flickering

Texture Resolutions:

  •  Black Plastic (BC,R,N) 1024*1024
  •  White Plastic (BC,R,N,MT) 1024*1024
  •  Color Plastic (BC,R,N,E) 1024*1024
  • Monitor screen (BC) 1024*1024
  • White Noise (M) 64*64
  • Computer Decal Textures (BC,R,N,M) 1024*1024
  • FX Water, FX Color (BC) 512*512
  • Render Target 512*512

Number of Materials: 8

Number of Material Functions: 1

Do Materials derive from a Master Material with instances as variation: Yes (where possible)

Number of Textures: 20

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows



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