Old Fishing Dock Set

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Old wooden docks with a few small props.

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Wooden docks that include four dock pieces that fit together so you can create a dock as big or as small as you'd like. Includes 3 types of crates, 5 types of burlap sacks, nets, one boat (no animation), Stairs (if needed), One broken dock, 3 different types of barrels, a fish bucket, a stack of moldy wood, and a post that holds one torch (no animation/particles added) All assets were created with 2k textures.

PREVIEW VIDEO: https://youtu.be/lgxcp5lITNQ

SUPPORT EMAIL: malsumgaming@gmail.com

Technical Details


  • Easily connect dock to pieces to create large docks.
  • Add barrel and crates to customize the look.
  • Textured in substance painter
  • 3 LOD's for each object.
  • T Dock
  • Dock Plain
  • Dock With Wooden planks
  • Dock Missing Planks
  • Stairs for Docks (Normal and Moldy)
  • Hound Food Burlap Sack
  • Grain Burlap Sack (flat and creased)
  • Beans Burlap sack (flat and creased)
  • Coffee Burlap Sack
  • Small fishing boat (no animation)
  • Stack of Moldy Wood
  • Fish Bucket
  • Grain Crate
  • Rum Crate
  • Plain Barrel
  • Whiskey barrel
  • Tobacco Barrel
  • Torch Poles (with torches)
  • A few nets (I used them to hang from the barrels I stacked on top of each other)

Texture Sizes:

  • 2k Resolution for each texture set
  • Base color
  • Normal
  • Roughness
  • Metallic
  • Height maps (If Needed, they are not set up but included with textures)

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Collision: Yes, Handmade

LODs: Yes, Handmade

Number of Meshes: 25

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC/Console



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