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A selection of some old devices.

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A selection of some old devices. The usage of them remains unknown, but could be still useful for today's tasks and challenges. Monitors, input devices, tank refiller, battery charger, strange stuff.

Video of a few functions: https://youtu.be/nTzIbOAPsCY

Technical Details


  • 3 Monitors / 2 Keyboards / 1 Joystick / 1 Battery Charger / 1 Tank refiller / 1 Radar Device
  •  Monitor screens are easy to replace with your own texture
  •  All keyboard keys are individual meshes
  •  Buttons on the devices are also individual meshes (except on the monitors)
  • Individual meshes on usable devices (battery, tank, clamps)
  • Devices with multiple meshes are prebuilt into Blueprints

Textures: 57

Texture Sizes:

  •  2048x2048 (42)
  •  1024x1024 (15)

Meshes: 116

Materials: 15

Collision: Yes - automatically generated

Vertex Count: approximately 2k-8.6k/device

LODs: No

Tip: You can find alphas for the monitor screens that can help you with the masking, screen textures are on the 2nd uv channel, except the SM_Monitor_03, it has a smaller screen also on the 3rd channel. Important to use the clamp sampling method, and leave a small black outline around your own texture to avoid strange streching over the entire mesh.



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