Medieval Alchemist

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"Medieval Alchemist" is the newest addition to the "Old" series. A collection of alchemy props such as potions, books and powders suited to decorate an Alchemist Dungeon, a Wizard Tower, a Necromancer's grave or even a Mage Laboratory

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Add some gloom to your game with this set of magical props. Suited for decorating an Alchemist laboratory, A wizard tower or even a Necromancer's crypt !

Item content:

• 102 Static meshes

• 25 Master Materials (74 material instances)

• 215 Textures

And also:

• A set of customizable potions and alchemist tools, you can add corks, tags and even liquid which can either be still or bubbling! (striking effect in VR)

• A super customizable set of books (7 books meshes, 3 decorative stiles, 4 completely customizable materials (Old Leather, Old Colored Leather, Paper and New Leather))

• A working hourglass ! (you can set how many minutes (in real time) it will run for)

Disclaimer: The cinematic video has been rendered using UE4.12.4 and a few assets from my other packs Old Village and Old Tavern have been used so the map won't be available in the pack.

Technical Details

Physically Based Rendering: Yes
Number of Textures: 215
Texture Size: 16x (4096x4096) 156x (2048x2048), 1x (256x2048), 32x (1024x1024), 6x (512x512), 2x (256x256), 1x (64x64), 1x (32x32)
Collision: Yes, automatically generated
LODs: YES, 50% increments
Number of Meshes: 102
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 25 Master Materials, 74 Material Instances
Intended Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE
Platforms Tested: PC (Nvidia Gtx 970) VR (Oculus Rift DK2)



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