Northern Nature Sound Collection

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An all-in-one solution for immersive outdoor audio for your game! The pack includes 10 customizable soundscapes and over 120 individual samples which let you quickly create a wide variety of audio including actions and movement of your character(s).

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Northern Nature Sound Collection is an all-in-one solution for creating immersive outdoor audio atmospheres for your game with the sounds of the Northern wild! The pack includes almost one hour of audio including 10 customizable, layered soundscapes and over 120 individual samples. Together, they let you quickly create a wide variety of outdoor audio including actions and movement of your character(s). The soundscapes are implemented as equally long, seamlessly looping samples mixed in sound cues, so you can create new ones simply by remixing the layers. Inside the pack you will also find 14 ready for use blueprinted bird songs that mimic the natural rhythm of the species in question for added immersion.

Audio preview at:

Video preview which showcases uses of audio in the pack:

Technical Details

10 customizable, seamlessly looping soundscapes:

  • Broadleaf temperate forest (2 sound layers)
  • Conifer forest (3 layers)
  • Ghostly forest (3 layers)
  • Summer day by lake (3 layers)
  • Summer night meadow (2 layers)
  • Thunderstorm (3 layers)
  • Northern archipelago (3 layers)
  • Fantasy world 1 (2 layers)
  • Fantasy world 2 (3 layers)
  • Winter night (3 layers)

Length: 1:16 each

Total number of sound layers: 27


14 bird song blueprints to mimic the natural singing style of the birds in question. Short description of typical habitat and behavior included inside blueprints.


123 individual samples, including:


  • 7 single layer, seamlessly looping soundscapes:
  • Mixed forest, length 1:54
  • Spruce forest, 0:52
  • Spring evening forest, 0:27
  • Forest tits in winter, 0:34
  • Bird warning near stream, 0:41
  • Archipelago, 0:48
  • Thunderstorm, 2:40

  • Bird songs, 25 species
  • Bird calls, 16 species
  • Insect sounds
  • Tree sounds (creaks, falling tree, various rustles)
  • Water sounds (calm and stormy lake/sea, streams, rapid/waterfall, paddling, underwater)
  • Wind, howling wind, rain, and thunder sounds
  • Footstep sounds (dry snow, wet snow, rock, lichen, sand, water/swamp, wood)
  • Wooden door sounds
  • Fire sounds (campfire, match, fire in a stove)

Total length of samples: 54:31

Total number of samples: 150

Total number of sound cues: 104

Sample quality: 44 100 Hz/16 bit stereo wav

Intended platforms: All (tested on PC)



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