Nordic Winterland Environment Pack

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Nordic Winterland environment asset pack. Includes modular buildings, props, rocks and large terrain structural pieces. Many materials procedurally blend snow and rock to speed up the set dressing process.

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This set contains modular architecture, props, rocks, terrain materials, water, simulated cloth banners, snow substances, particle systems etc. to build a fantasy winter environment. Many materials procedurally blend snow and rock to speed up the set dressing process.

Some of the textures and materials lean a touch into semi-stylized. Assets could be used for a realistic art style or semi-stylized. Includes 2 sets of snow substances that can be used to generate a huge amount of snow variants. Various clumpiness, waves, noise and other values are exposed. 

Includes a fully set dressed scene used to demo how the assets can be used. Also includes an asset overview map

Technical Details

Texture sizes: 1024x1024 to 2048x2048

All materials are PBR materials. Many textures are channel packed (Metal, Roughness, AO = RGB) to reduce memory/disk size.

45 x Textures

1 x LUT (lookup texture) used for post processing

14 x Materials

25 x Material instances

11 x Material functions

69 x Meshes

2 x Skeletal meshes (cloth banners)

7 x Substance textures

2 x Substance Factories

2 x Substance Instances

2 x Particle systems

1 x Demonstration map

1 x Overview Map

Substance Plugin is required

Collision: Yes, automatically generated

Lightmaps: Yes, some hand made and some generated.

Target platforms: High end PC or Console



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