Node Graph Assistant

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Use this plugin to greatly speed up your node graph creation workflow.

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Technical Details


  1. Multi-connecting.
  2. Rearrange nodes.
  3. Duplicate wire.
  4. Bypass node.
  5. Create node on wire.
  6. Cut off wires.
  7. Highlight wires.
  8. Select linked nodes.
  9. Panning when dragging wire.
  10. Lazy connect.
  11. Auto connect.
  12. Wire style.
  13. Duplicate with input.
  14. Shake node off wire.
  15. Insert node on wire.
  16. Exchange wires.


1.Not all features apply to all graphs,for example "auto connect" does not apply to soud graph,but all features apply to material and blueprint graph.

2.Due to epic's policy,plugin only updates for the 3 latest engin versions,if you want to use latest version of this plugin on previous engine version,please contact me in support page.



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