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A professional collection of editor-only tools to aid in everyday project development.

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A professional collection of editor-only tools to aid in everyday project development.

Rename Tool (Video Demonstration)

A bulk renaming tool to quickly change the name of content browser assets or level actors. Features provide many possibilities for how to rename assets including keeping existing base names, keeping existing prefix and suffix's, numbering, and replacing of strings.

TexToMat Tool (Video Demonstration)

Scan an asset path or a set of selected texture files for appropriate suffix's and automatically create a material from the textures. Optionally creates UV scaling, tessellation, and displacement multiplier parameters. Saves a ton of time!

Texture Resize Tool (Video Demonstration)

A bulk texture asset resizing tool to quickly resize textures without having to leave the engine. Optionally creates a new texture with an added suffix instead of overwriting the original.

Module Save Tool (EXPERIMENTAL: Do not expect anything from this.)

Sometimes you need to change c++ class names using re-directors in the config file. If the assets that use the redirected class name are saved, the re-director can be removed from the config file while maintaining the new c++ class name. This tool is experimental and may not work as expected, if at all.

Technical Details

Current Version: 1.1.2

UE4 Supported Versions: 4.19, 4.20

Number of Editor Tools: 4

Number of Blueprints: 0

Number of C++ Classes: 18 (Not supported.)

Network Replicated: Does Not Apply (Editor Only)

Supported Development Platforms: Windows Only

Supported Target Build Platforms: Does Not Apply (Editor Only)


Important/Additional Notes:

This is an EDITOR ONLY plugin and has no runtime game modules that are packaged with the game.



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