Navigational Arrow System

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This is the checkpoint navigation system for mostly rpg games. There is an arrow in First Person Character and it is rotating to location of checkpoints one by one.

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When we turn around myself or walk around in level, navigation arrow system calculates the angle of how much turn and and it is rotating to location of checkpoints one by one.
When we overlaped the trigger of checkpoint, arrow rotates the next checkpoint. If you want to add more checkpoints to this level. You just need to duplicate one of the checkpoint and assign the new id. You need to assign a number to checkpoint. For example, 4th checkpoints' id is 3 so you need to assign number "4" to next checkpoint. After you finished to overlapping all checkpoints, arrow will be destroyed.
PS: The system works only x-y plane. But you can add a little node for rotating on z-plane.

Technical Details

System is calculating the angle of how much rotate the arrow on x-y plane with using the cordinates of checkpoints, characters' origin and characters' current location.

Platforms tested: Windows



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