Natural Disasters Sound Effects Pack

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This SFX pack contains an impressive 512 Mb for a total of over 50 minutes of Natural Disaster Sounds such as Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunamis, Avalanches, hurricanes and so on.

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Soundcloud Demo:

This collection includes extremely realistic and immersive natural disaster sound effects and atmospheres.

Rock slides, from a couple of small stones tumbling down a slope, to a collection of boulders, to a full on massive, landscape reforming rock slide. Earthquakes from small shivers to huge 10.0 quake on the Richter scale. Massive snow avalanches, destructive building fires, volcanoes and so on.

There are 35 tracks for a total of 720 Mb of high quality sounds in this album, plus a few bonus gifts, including sounds from my Underground Atmospheres, Guns & Explosions and Weather Effects albums.

All my sound effects are made using my own personal recordings and libraries. For this album I manipulated all sorts of recordings and library sounds, mixed them together and added some artificial sounds that I have created in my home studio, in order to create deep, intense and realistic natural disaster sounds effects.

The reason I choose this approach is to create 'larger than life sounds" which is often required in films, documentaries and video games to give a much stronger impact to a scene.

Check out how I created some of my sounds on my Youtube channel:

Technical Details


  • Earthquakes
  • Heavy winds and Hurricanes
  • Storms
  • Lightning
  • Heavy rain
  • Rock slides
  • Avalanches
  • Tsunami and big waves
  • Volcanoes
  • And more...

Number of Audio Waves: 50

Number of Audio Cues: 50

Sample rate / bit rate: 44.1 kHz, 16bit Stereo WAVs

Do Sound FX loop: Yes/No

Minutes of audio provided: 50:36

Supported Development Platforms: Any platform that accepts Audio files

List of Sounds:

Additional Notes: Contact me here:

And join me on my website:

Also check out my Youtube channel dedicated to my Sound Design work:



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