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12 frightening ambient tracks, aimed to create a depressing atmosphere of horror, as well as the 146 sounds that make up the tracks that you can use the way you like!

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12 frightening and scary ambient tracks aimed at creating a depressing atmosphere of horror, an atmosphere of hopelessness and fear, perfectly filling your game with gloomy tones. These tracks will allow you to feel every cell of your skin, all the horror that reigns in the back streets of the human mind.
Also to 12 tracks are attached 146 sounds that make up them. And in the end you get ready-made soundtracks, plus their full content, and you can rearrange sounds to your needs, do as you like! Ready-made constructor with bright examples and full component.You can compose your tracks, or use already ready, or just pull out the sounds you need.


V.G. - Dark Delirium
V.G. - Waste Ground
V.G. - Tartarus
V.G. - Survivor
V.G. - Desperation
V.G. - Wrong Thoughts
V.G. - Phobia
V.G. - Pulsation
V.G - The Heart Of The Mystery
V.G. - Chase
V.G. - Collaps
V.G. - Sonata

Technical Details

Number of Audio tracks:12 ((Not counting the sound FX, just tracks))
Number of Audio Cues: 146
Sample rate \ bit rate:44.1 kHz, 16bit Stereo WAVs
Does music\audio loop: No
How many sound FX: 146
How many minutes of audio provided: 43:35 (Not counting the sound FX, just tracks)
Engine Compatibility:4.15
Intended Platform: All
Platforms Tested: Windows
Documentation Included: No



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