My Party Quiz

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My Party Quiz is a quiz game, made for people of all ages and genders, for easy learning math, making words, practice memory, and practice melody, as they play more and more.

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My Party Quiz is an addictive, fun and challenging puzzle game with cute interactive circles, focused on competitive gameplay in four different areas of practicing skills: Math, Words, Memory and Melody. The player can choose which game to play and each of them has three levels of difficulty.

Math is fun and unique puzzle game that will get you to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication or division while playing with 3D circles.

A fast and fun word game to challenge yourself and your friends which will improve your focus and sharpen you’re spelling skills.

My Party Quiz Memory is cute and funny memory matching game with different colorful and vivid emoji to pairs that you will love.

My Party Quiz Melody game is a vivid and joyful game, where you need to repeat the given melody within the shortest time.

Technical Details

Number of Blueprints: there are 15 Blueprint Class, and 22 Widget Blueprints.
List of Features: Managing game logic, saving scores, managing InAppPurchase for iOS, time managing, managing UI, main actor Blueprint (Cirle). (If this is not what you mean, please let me know)
Engine Compatibility: UE 4.10.2
Intended Platform: Windows, Mac, IOS, Android
Platforms Tested: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
Documentation Included: No
Important\Additional Notes: No additional notes



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