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SQLite functions will be handled by Unreal Engine 4's blueprint. Structures can be constructed directly as columns of tables and serialized data can be handled.

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Small attention:

I am Japanese and I am using machine translation because I do not have English writing skills.

This plug-in created as one of Mitsunagi Studio's Utility Toolkits (MUTK) wraps the functions of SQLite, and it can be linked with Blueprint.

Currently supported functions are as follows.

  • Three types of database (regular file, temporary file, on-memory database)
  • Set up a table with the property name of the structure as the column name of the table
  • SQLite bind parameter support
  • Data of structure can be bound (You can easily insert structure data using this)
  • When instance data etc. can be serialized, serialized data can be exchanged as BLOB data
  • Importable from DataTable asset

This plug-in is one of the byproducts that I myself made for game development, and functions may be expanded or changed in the future.

Technical Details


  •  Wrapping SQLite features
  •  Compatible with SQLite's bind function
  •  Read and write structure and instance data as serialized data
  •  Importable from DataTable asset (It is also possible to specify whether to import including Row Name)

Code Modules:

 MUTKSQLiteDB (Runtime)

Number of Blueprints:

 1 Blueprint macro library

Number of C++ Classes:

 2 C++ classes

Network Replicated:


Supported Development Platforms:


Supported Target Build Platforms:


 (Scheduled to support other platforms in the future)

Documentation: (*Sorry for the site in Japanese)

Example Project: (*It is at the bottom of the page here)

Version History (only the latest version is listed):


  • Fixed: Package build fails


  • Added: corresponds to UE 4.20
  • Added: Blueprint function to import and handle including the RowName column of DataTable asset
  • Fixed: Build fails
  • Fixed: Incorrect comments on some explanations
  • Fixed: Some missing comments


  • First edition



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