Museum VR Vol IV European Sculpture

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Virtual museum environment filled with 13 photo-scanned works of ancient art.

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Full Version VIDEO - (Disclaimer: Contains footage from the full version of Museum VR, that includes all 4 volumes)

This is volume 4, from the Edition one of the Museum VR series.

Full Version:

Other volumes:

This virtual museum environment contains 13 optimized models of real world post-classic era European works of art. Actual ancient relics that are found on display at the great museums around the world were photo-scanned and

optimized to be used in a variety of your Unreal projects.

Technical Details

Main Features:

  • 1 round dome museum space with columns, lights, and marble benches
  • Baked lighting
  • 13 later post-classic era European art assets 
  • Accurate description tags for most of art pieces
  • Every sculpture has a Blueprint consisting of a pedestal and description tag.

Technical Details:

  • Albedo maps - 2048x2048
  • Normal maps - 2048x2048
  • Collision: Automatically generated
  • Average Poly-count per statue 6000 triangles.
  • LODs: No

Platforms Tested: Windows, Oculus Rift.

Documentation Included: No

1 x Demo map




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