Multiplayer Voice Pack - 01

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Multiplayer voice-over/Sound pack - Announcer Style

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Voice Pack for Multiplayer Game (44.1Khz/16Bit /FX and RAW version Included)

Hi! This is A Multiplayer Voice pack for all your Play-testing needs. sound cues and RAW-Files included!


If you have suggestions to add Voice-lines to the list please leave a comment!

If you have inquiries email me : pierre.stulier(at)

I know that this is fairly generic - but that´s pretty much the point

so you can use them in many game prototypes. If you end up using any of those in your completed game please be so kind to drop a line or two where you got them

+Musictrack Bonus (Layered and cued!)

Voice lines included :

(Game System)

Start / Options / Settings

Choose your Team / Choose a Hero / Pick a Class


Capture the Flag

King of the Hill

Last man Standing


Team Deathmatch


Round 1 Fight!

Round 2 Fight!

Round 3 Fight!

Final Round / Final Battle

Draw / Undecided


Count Down : 10,9,8…1 Continue?

Game Over!

Game Over.

Near Victory





RED Team takes the Lead

BLUE Team takes the Lead

The enemies team takes the lead

YOUR Team takes the lead

Cargo is being stolen!

Cargo was stolen by enemy team.

Cargo is being secured.

Precious cargo has been saved from enemy team.

The ENEMY Team collected enough resources to WIN this round!!

YOUR Team collected enough resources to WIN this round!!

Technical Details


  • Uncompressed WAVs
  • Already Mixed and Soundcued for easy use!
  • Will be Updated and extended upon!

Number of Audio Waves: 111

Number of Audio Cues: 60

Sample rate / bit rate: 44.1 kHz, 16bit Mono WAVs

Do Sound FX loop: NO

Minutes of audio provided: 9~

Supported Development Platforms: Windows / Mobile /

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows / Mobile /



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