Multiplayer Melee Combat System

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Designed entirely in Blueprints the Multiplayer Melee Combat System is an easy-to-use solution for creating melee combat mechanics.

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Discord: CBProductions#1047 


Different directional attacks and blocking: The attack direction can be chosen by the player (like in Mount & Blade or For Honor)

Combo attacks: Attacks can be chained together to create combos.

Special attacks: Execution / finisher move included where the characters head is chopped off.

Camera animation upon death: Smooth zoom out to frame the action (player becomes spectator).

Targeting and Non-Targeting combat (Lock-on): Both are implemented and can be used separately or together.

Easy-to-use: Almost all of the logic is handled in an actor component. This makes it easy to add the system to an existing character and to combine it with other blueprints.

Easy configuration: A lot of functionality is exposed through config variables. This makes it easy to change the feel of the combat system.

Multiplayer ready: The system was created for multiplayer use, but can be used in singleplayer too.

Basic AI: An AI for demo purposes is included. Can follow the player and attack him.

UMG widgets: An enemy health bar, a hit damage indicator, and a hit direction indicator are included.

SFX and VFX for successful attacks (blood) and blocks (sparks) included.

Locomotion and attack animations included.

Technical Details

• Blueprint Component "Combat Core": Holding almost all the important logic'
• 3 Pawns: Player Character / Spectator / AI Character
• AI Controller
• Weapon Blueprint
• Ragdoll Blueprint, spawned after player death

UMG Widgets [4]
• Main HUD
• Character Overlay for displaying the attack direction
• Hit indicator, displaying how much damage was done (Battlefield 1 style)
• Enemy health bar

• Locomotion (Idle, Run, Walk)
• Attack Combo 01 (Attack 1 and Attack 2 combined)
• Finisher / Execution Attack
• Into Finisher / Execution Idle
• Finisher / Execution Idle
• 4 different stances / block poses (additive animation for Idle)
• 4 different blocking animations (for each stance)
• Hit reaction

Meshes [1]
• Sword: 1,772 Tris / 1,167 Verts

Textures [8]
• Sword: Base Color, Normal, Combined: AO, Roughness, and Metallic (2048x4096)
• Icons: Health bar, directional attack indicator, gamepad right stick, guard break

Particle Effects [2]
• Blood effect for hit
• Spark effect for blocking

Sound Effects
• Impact flesh / steel
• Sword swing
• Sword special hit (execution / finisher move)



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