Multiplayer Horde Game Template

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MP Blueprint Horde Game Template is a basic game framework designed for multiplayer based on blueprints.

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V2 is on it's way! More to that here:

Horde Template:

This Blueprint Template gives you the option to create an Round Based Multiplayer Horde Game.


- 100% Blueprints

- Basic UI, Sounds and Models

- Designed for Multiplayer

- Basic Lobby System

- Basic Chat

- Trader

- Doors that unlock after a selected round

- Scoreboard

- Zombie AI

- Spectator

- Configurable Rounds and Round Time

- Basic Inventory

- Basic Weapon System

- Statistic and Economic System ( Trader & Scoreboard )

And much more!

This asset will be updated with new features and if necessary fixes.

Technical Details

MP Horde Game Template is a basic game framework to create horde games. The framework is 100% blueprinted.

Technical Details:
Blueprints: 49

Placeholder Models: 2

Custom Zombie animation included.
Sounds: 10
Documentation Included: As tutorial version inside the engine.
Platforms Tested on : Windows x64



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